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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Help Your Dog Park

The Clarendon Dog Park is your dog park--at least unofficially and at least for now. We need your help to make the park an official Community Canine Area (CCA) and to develop its facilities into those that we all want. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Stay Informed. Read the blog regulary and join the Mailing List to keep informed of issues and upcoming events regarding the dog park.
  2. Get Involved. We are forming a number of task forces to educate the community and raise awareness, to work with and lobby county government and community organizations, to maintain and improve the park, and to raise the funds needed for all of these activities. Join a task force and stay involved in it.
  3. Go Public. Let others in the community know about the dog park and issues it faces. Attend community events with your well-behaved canine companion wearing a Clarendon Dogs T-Shirt or Bandana (coming soon).
  4. Be Responsive. Important Alerts and Calls for Action will be posted on the blog and emailed to those who have joined the Mailing List. Respond to as many of these as possible with letters/emails/phone calls, by attending important meetings, or by following other actions prescribed in the alert.
  5. Be a Good Neighbor. We need as much neighborhood support as we can possibly get, and we most definitely need to do everything possible to minimize any antagonism from immediate neighbors. PLEASE follow all the rules of the dog park, chat with interested neighbors, follow parking regulations and traffic laws, and offer a helping hand where possible.

See you at the park.


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