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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Park Designs Uninspired

The second public planning meeting for the 13th Street Park (aka the Dog Park), Central Park and the Metro Canopy was held on 6/14/05. There was a fairly good showing of dog park users, as well as neighbors concerned about the dog park and park plans in general.

There was a general concensus that the concepts presented by HoK for all three sites were uninspired and failed to fit the character of Clarendon. Furthermore, all concerned with the 13th Street park (both dog park users and neighbors) agreed that the concepts presented for the multi-use park failed to meet the functional requirements previously expressed.

Several neighbors strongly expressed their concerns and complaints about the dog park. The main complaints are as follows:
  • Barking
  • Illegal parking
  • Dogs off-leash outside the park
  • Visual appearence of the park
  • Perception that no one is enforcing rules
  • Failure to involve and inform neighborhood representatives
Although it is tempting to say that the complaints are overstated and just an effort to stop the plans for a Community Canine Area (CCA), that would be a serious mistake. The reality is that the dog park is part of the neighborhood and, to many, not a desired part. It is our responsibility to hear the concerns of our neighbors and to show our committment to being good neighbors by taking appropriate actions to address them. Most of the neighbors at the meeting appeared ready to at least tolerate the dog park, and seemed willing to work with us.

Please help to insure that a substantial portion of the 13th street site remains a dog park by respecting our neighbors, following all the rules of a CCA, and reminding others to do the same.

See you at the park.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Madison CCA Relocation Progresses

As Clarendon Dogs begins the planning process to becoming a CCA, our sister sponsor organization, MadDogs, is nearing the end of plans for the relocation of the Madison Dog Park and the design of the new park. If anyone is interested in seeing the architecutral plans of what sounds like a very well designed dog park, there will be a public meeting at 7 pm, Wed. June 22 in the Cherrydale Room of the Madison Community Center, 3829 N. Stafford Street. Perhaps we can get some useful ideas.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Photo of the Moment

Hamilton wants you to follow him to the Photo Gallery to view another of his photos (along with new images of other CDogs)!

Alert: Public Planning Meeting

What: 2nd Community Planning Meeting regarding the Clarendon Canopy, Central Park, and 13th Street Park (aka, the Dog Park)
When: Tuesday, June 14, 2005, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Where: 3033 Wilson Boulevard, Room 7E-F *

This project is to develop detailed design plans and construction documents for a new canopy over the existing entrance to the Clarendon Metro Station, design plans for 13th Street Park, and design plans for improvements to Central Park.

The beginning stages of design are currently underway. HOK, Inc. has been hired as a consultant and has completed the surveys, base maps, and site evaluation. An initial public meeting was held on Tuesday, May 3, 2005 to introduce the project and listen to comments and suggestions from the community.

Upcoming Meeting
The meeting on June 14th will be an opportunity for community members to critique alternative conceptual plans that have been designed by HOK using the feedback from the last meeting, staff input and current planning efforts in Clarendon.

Contact Information
If you have any questions about the meeting or the Clarendon Canopy please call Tara Lake at 703-228-4803 and if you have any questions about Central Park or 13th Street Park please call Carlton Hart at 703-228-7577.

Make sure that your ideas and wishes are heard!!

*The building is located across the street from the Clarendon Metro Station. It is also on the Metrobus 38B or ART 41 and there is free parking under the building.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Chew on This...

Mulch: Clarendon Dogs’ request to the county for a fresh supply of mulch for the dog park is on hold because the county has run out and is seeking new supplies.

Water: Clarendon Dogs has learned that dog owners will not be able to access water from the Ban-Ban Auto site on an interim basis because the county will soon begin to remove asbestos from the site; demolition of the structure will take place this summer after the asbestos removal. In the meanwhile, please remember to bring supplies of water.

Interested in the Upkeep of the Park?
Join the Park Care task force! Read more about this and other task forces that are forming now.

Dog Owners, Neighbors Attend Planning Meeting

County Staff to Issue Park Plan Proposal Soon
Dog owners and Clarendon neighbors, including many from the condos next to the dog park and Lyon Village, attended the first public planning meeting with county staff on May 3 to discuss the design for the dog park, as well as the canopy for the Metro station escalators and the park located alongside the Metro.

A lot of good input was offered on how the space should be used and constructed. County staff will take all the suggestions made at the meeting and issue a proposed plan which all will have a chance to comment on. Stay tuned to news of the proposal by checking the blog frequently.

Interested in the Park Plan?
Join the CCA Planning task force! Read more about this and other task forces that are forming now.